Time-lapse is a captivating medium that allows us to view in a few minutes, events that span days, months, or years. Most of us have seen short clips of a flower blooming or clouds racing across the sky. HarrierEye have mastered this technique, and packaged it as a service.


Whether you need to record the construction of your building, or show the erection of a tower crane, the use of time-lapse movies drives your message home.
Time-lapse movies are an ideal tool if you want to:

•           Promote your business or event
•           Train your personnel
•           Record processes and development
•           Examine events and sequences
•           Monitor natural phenomena
•           Observe lifecycles of wild life and vegetation
•           Quickly select a particular image from a record set of thousands.


The clarity, focus and crispness of our time-lapse photography is central to its aesthetic value and Quality. As well as this time-lapse provides a powerful analytical tool, allowing you to pause the movie to inspect. This is where the quality of each individual frame becomes important. HarrierEye produces each frame as a photograph captured with professional digital cameras up to any current camera resolution. The final movies are therefore well beyond HD resolution. They have to be seen to be appreciated.


With our own custom-built integrated camera systems, high quality time-lapse movies can be made remotely. The camera can be sited anywhere in the world where there is mobile network coverage.

These versatile camera systems can be controlled remotely to change resolution, picture interval or zoom level. If desired they can be made to pan and/or tilt. Special events on location can be covered in detail without the need to visit the camera.

Service and Diversity

Your project could be a major construction development in the Far East, or an observation of pedestrian traffic patterns on city streets. HarrierEye’s system lets you monitor your time-lapse movie by the frame in real time or after the event.  You can do this from your office, your home or even on the move.

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