Thermal Imaging and Surveying

Thermal imaging has many applications. Due to the nature of thermal radiation and its property of penetration through solid or opaque materials (e.g. walls and smoke), a picture of invisible objects or the thermal state of objects can reveal a range of direct and inferred information. This technique can be used by:

  • Consultants and contractors in the refurbishment of buildings to verify integrity of building fabric
  • Energy efficiency certification bodies
  • Climate control contractors and installers
  • Local authorities to identify poorly insulated homes and buildings
  • Police forces for search and rescue and investigations
  • Fire fighting authorities to identify heat traps and the successful extinguishing of fires
  • Heat loss assessment
  • Identification of underground or hidden problems
  • Medical applications, many conditions are accompanied with temperature changes of the affected area.

We offer you a unique thermal survey that can take advantage of our special techniques and equipment. Due to the varied nature of such assignments they will be priced individually after precisely understanding your needs and the nature of the assignment.

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