Thermal Imaging

A Thermal Image is a picture produced by recording heat radiation emitted or reflected by objects. Heat is a low frequency electromagnetic radiation that the human eye can’t see (some snakes can and do use thermal vision to accurately locate prey in total darkness however).

Our special cameras filter out all visible light and record only thermal rays to produce special pictures (thermographs) that show the variation of heat reaching the camera. Unlike visible light, infrared radiation penetrates through solid objects such as walls, and can reveal conditions or objects otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

To be meaningful, a thermograph must be interpreted and accompanied by a report of the findings and a variety of recommendations. HarrierEye are trained and certified by FLIR. We will survey, produce the thermographs and report with the findings. The integrity and comprehensiveness of our surveys are enhanced by many years of experience in construction, civil, and structural engineering.


Thermal Imaging surveys are non-contact and non-invasive. Faults and problem areas are identified by the characteristic thermal patterns they produce. Thermal surveys have a wide range of benefits:

•           Record thermal efficiency of buildings
•           Report on the integrity of roofs and their water tightness
•           Identify potential electrical faults and prevent related incidents in power
           plants and industrial, commercial or residential structures
•           Reduce the risk of fires due to heat accumulation
•           Check the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems
•           Locate problems with underground drains and services
•           Conduct predictive fault surveys for pumps and other mechanical devices
•           Determine integrity of the building fabric and identify common problems
           such as render lamination or loose cladding.


In our surveys, there is the option of using our thermal cameras alone or in conjunction with other equipment and techniques. A service that is unique to HarrierEye is the ability to offer elevated thermal imaging and thermal time-lapse movies.

As in our other elevated and time-lapse services, we can provide the results of thermal surveys or monitoring by email or on the internet. The integration of our systems give us an advantage in identifying issues accurately and producing comprehensive findings.

So how does it work?

We will survey the area using the most advanced thermal cameras.
The reports we produce will include our findings and recommendations for any problem areas identified. We will include both thermal and visual images (coupled) to make the report clear and more comprehensive. These images can also be superimposed onto any drawings provided by the client.

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