A picture is worth a thousand words. An elevated picture is worth a thousand pictures.

In a sector where you need to draw attention to your product and present it in an attractive and informative way, elevated photography is the ideal tool.

A property seen from an elevated position offers more than just a nice view.  With height you can see the surroundings, access, local features: it positions the property within the landscape. All this, in just one or two shots. Furthermore,
from such a viewpoint you are also offering your potential client information about that obscured, and often very attractive, element, the roof.

Our service is unique in offering you the ability to see pictures of your property while the operator is still on site and at no additional cost. You can call the operator and request to see certain views or elements. Such interactive service will ensure that you get the best shots for your purpose and excellent value for money.
The results could then be made available to you within minutes!

Our vehicle mounted, 30m mast is probably the tallest in the UK. With a camera on top, it offers an equivalent view to taking a photograph from a 9-10 storey building right next to the property.  In areas where vehicular access is restricted, we can use our smaller and portable 10 or 15m masts to get you the shots you need.

The rich detailed pictures are produced from professional high resolution cameras. They can therefore be enlarged or cropped without significant reduction in quality. Whether you need these as part of a survey report, to describe the property or to show location or access, elevated photography plays an important part in presenting your product.

So how does it work?

We will visit your property and spend 1 hour and 30 minutes taking pictures from various heights. We will present to you the pictures in electronic form and produce 2 lab quality 4x6 prints of your choice.
You will then receive all pictures we’ve taken on CD/DVD, or, if you prefer, you can just download them from the internet.

Single property visits
One mast setup                                                                                              £200.00 +vat
Extra mast setup                                                                                             £40.00 + vat

Multiple property Visits
Up to 5 different properties with 3 miles travel between each          £800.00 + vat

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