Elevated Photography

To look at our world from above is fascinating and informative. A photograph taken from the elevated viewpoint of a mast allows undiscovered detail to be seen for the first time. From ground level, the operator has complete control over the orientation of the camera and is able to direct and compose the shot.
This is a much safer method of inspecting inaccessible areas, and avoids the risks and expense associated with working at heights.


Elevated photography has a wide variety of applications:

•           Views of buildings and structures to show the relationships with their surroundings
•           Inspect inaccessible areas (e.g. roof and canopies)
•           Views for design and planning
•           Conduct Structural surveys (e.g. damage, subsidence, maintenance and repair)
•           Monitor progress on construction sites
•           Produce stunning photographs of people, events and places.


HarrierEye have a variety of telescopic camera-carrying masts to suit any situation. Our tallest, at 30m high, is mounted on a specially adapted vehicle. Inside the vehicle is a small office with adequate room for 2 or 3 observers in addition to the operator, as well as a complete IT infrastructure that supports our pledge to email or publish the pictures to the internet instantly.
Such a system is unique and allows us to work with you to achieve the desired photograph. For example, having seen a picture emailed to your office, you can call the operator while he is on the spot and request different compositions or particular details. Within minutes you can have the picture you need.
Other smaller, portable masts reaching 10 and 15 meters with similar capabilities are also available. These are light enough to be carried by hand and erected anywhere inside or outside. The applications for such mobility are as wide as your imagination.

If required, we can also make our A3 printing and CD/DVD production facilities available on location.


HarrierEye offer you a complete service including:
•           Taking the picture you need, at the high resolution required.
•           Printing on location
•           Enlarging, printing and framing photographs of your choice up to A0 size
•           Uploading or emailing photos from location for you to view instantly.

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