In the past 25 years, there have been significant changes in the methods and procedures followed in the construction and building sector. The industry has always embraced new technologies, particularly ones that help improve profit margins and complience with technical and legislative requirements.

One of the most important activities has always been accurate and informative record keeping. In these days of affordable digital cameras, the instinctive tendency to make records can create information overload. Computers on sites, design offices, and head offices are full of records covering every small detail. Regrettably the availability and usefulness of these records can sometimes be a serious problem.

At HarrierEye, through our background in the industry, we recognise this issue. Therefore our services include both catalogued compilations and the presentation of a cohesive set of records throughout the construction process and beyond. In relation to PFI and PPP this could be a 30 years period.

We provide:

•           Complete photographic sets
•           No duplication
•           Sorted records
•           Access from anywhere, at any time, by authorised persons
•           Secured and backed-up records.
•           Archived sets in many media forms.

The photographic records we produce are of high quality and are designed to be used for:

•           Process and progress monitoring
•           Marketing
•           Project collaboration
•           Project planning and design
•           Health and safety
•           Monitoring programme cycles

The services we can offer to this Sector include:

•           Access in real time to view your sites 24/7
•           Make time-lapse movies of your projects
•           Take elevated photographs from up to 30m height encompassing an entire
•           Provide systems for making and keeping these photographic records.
•           Print and frame professional quality photographs of your projects in any size
           up to A0.

HarrierEye operatives are CSCS accredited and carry full PPE.

Introductory Offer

As an introduction to our services: we will visit your project site for up to 3 hours and take an unlimited number of photographs from our 30 m tall mast. We will setup the mast at up to 2 locations (subject to space availability on site) to cover the most interesting views of the project. You will then receive all the pictures we’ve taken on CD, DVD, or you can download them from the Internet. We will also produce 1 A4 size framed photograph of your choice.

Single site visit                                                                                        £400.00+vat

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