Leo is a Civil Engineer whose early career was in design offices and on construction sites. For the past 15 years however, he has been working on implementing and managing IT systems in the construction industry.  Ever seeking new challenges, he has now combined his passion of photography with his experience in construction, IT and engineering to bring HarrierEye to the marketplace. To enhance the range of activities covered he has now trained and became a certified thermographer.

Ayad is a photographer. His early work in the petrochemical industry and broadcasting has given him an instinct for the commercial requirement coupled with an artistic edge. He has considerable experience of the whole photographic process and holds a franchise with “Snappy Snaps”(a UK high street photo chain). Now trained in the very latest video production, processing and printing techniques, coupled with his sound business knowledge, he is at the core of HarrierEye.
julie Julie is a photographer with a background in media and public relations. She is one of the founder members of HarriereEye and has a particular interest in applications related to Environmental studies. She is responsible for web management, marketing, and sales. In her spare time Julie is the singer of a progressive metal group.



HarrierEye is a limited company registered in the UK.

Telephone/Fax: +44 208 7868729
Email: sales@harriereye.com



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