HarrierEye are specialists in overhead photography and thermal imaging.

Our services are particularly suited for:

- building and construction projects
- property sales and maintenance
- filming
- archeological/historical sites and buildings
- energy assessment and certification

and many more...

At HarrierEye we have unique and purpose-built facilities including:

• High quality digital SLR remote-controlled cameras that can be attached to any of our masts.

• 30m vehicle-mounted mast, and smaller 15m and 10m portable masts

• Custom-built camera systems that produce extremely high quality time lapse sequences and transmit these to secure sites using mobile telephone networks.

• High quality passive thermal imaging cameras

• Our own web interface which enables you to monitor and download full resolution photographs and time-lapse movies,

• The production of lab quality prints (up to A0 size), CDs, DVDs, HD, and BlueRay media for you and your clients.

We are based in London, but can provide our services anywhere in the world.

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